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The decision to form ZGARD was taken by Yaromisl in autumn 2010. At this time, he was finishing the recording of Goverla’s second album, which, due to various reasons, he decided to release under a new name. The quest for a name wasn’t long: ZGARD is a synonym for an “amulet” in the culture of Huzuls, an ethno-cultural group who for centuries have inhabited the Carpathian mountains. Yaromisl wears such Zgard from the time he obtained one in the Carpathian highlands and until now.

The ZGARD debut album, “The Spirit of Carpathian Sunsets,” was intended to be released in 2011, but the release date eventually shifted to 2012. In recording this album, Goverla’s flutist Hutsul took part, who recorded parts of woodwind instruments. The album includes not only the songs written for Goverla, but also a new track which gave a title to the album and formed a concept and the style of ZGARD: atmospheric black metal with strong influence from Carpathian folklore and a pagan outlook.

Without wasting any time, Yaromisl worked on the next songs for a second album, “Reclusion,” which was released in January 2012, even earlier than the debut. In 2013, the third opus, “Astral Glow,” was released, but activities didn't slow down: ZGARD took part in a split CD, “Ascension: Paramatman,” with Romanian band PROHOD, which was released in February 2014. Work then began on a new album.

The landmark year for ZGARD was 2014 when Yaromisl decided to shift from synthetic to live-recorded drums. With a guest drummer and vocalist the album “Contemplation” was released in June 2014. Right after the release, Yaromisl started to work on a new opus “Totem” dedicated to Veles, and ancient Slavonic god of sorcerers, which was successfully released in 2015. Two years later the newest work “Within The Swirl Of Black Vigor” was finished and released in 2017.

In 2019 Yaromisl finished the recording of his seventh studio album with the title „Place of Power“. ZGARD created eight fascinating epic pagan black metal songs. With „Place of Power“ the band has reached the next level in their band history and the album will be released in 2021 via Schwarzdorn Production.

ZGARD is truly a remarkable phenomenon in the Ukrainian metal scene. Geographically located far from Ukraine’s music centres, like Kharkov and Kiev, Yaromisl managed to create his own unique style. Is it the nature of the Carpathians, or residence near the mountain Bogit, where a Zbruch Idol (9th-century Svetovid sculpture and one of very few monuments of pre-Christian Slavic beliefs) was located, which so influenced Yaromisl to create the music of ZGARD?

Either way, the result speaks for itself!

Yaromisl – Vocals, Bass, Guitars, Keyboards
Dusk - Screaming Vocals

Lycane - Drums


2021 DIGI CD "Place of Power"
(Epic Pagan Black Metal)

2017 CD "У вирi чорної снаги (Within the Swirl of Black Vigor)"
(Pagan Black Metal)

2015 CD "Totem"
(Pagan Black Metal)
2014 CD "Созерцание (Contemplation)"
(Pagan Black Metal)
2014 Split CD "Ascension: Paramatman"
(Pagan Black Metal)
2013 CD "Astral Glow"
(Pagan Black Metal)
2012 CD "Reclusion"
(Pagan Black Metal)
2012 CD "Spirit of Carpathian Sunset (Дух Карпатських сутінків)"
(Pagan Black Metal)
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