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Oblivion Beach


Doomy vibes and dreamy voices from the beach of the lost and the fallen!   OBLIVION BEACH was built on the frozen ashes of finnish metal act VUOLLA in 2018. The band stands as a four-piece unit that calls upon the forces of heavy riffs and sirens of melancholy.  First single ”The Dive” was recorded, mixed and mastered by Tom Brooke at Tonehaven Recording Studio in June 2018. It will be released as digital single on 03.08.2018 via Schwarzdorn Production. The band already has lots of demo material for debut album that is planned for 2019.

The first single of Finnish doom rock/metal band OBLIVION BEACH describes a strange journey upon a sea of visions with messengers from another time and place. ”The Dive” is about taking the first steps towards the unknown, letting go of safe spaces and familiar corners of life and setting sail towards a place where you don’t have to belong to anything. The beach of the lost and the fallen.

Kati Kallinen - vocals and keyboards
Ilari Kallinen - guitars
Timo Ruunaniemi - drums
Mika Laine - bass


2018 Digital Single "The Dive"
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