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Suffering Souls


Suffering Souls was founded by Tobias Micko (as Lord Esgaroth) and Michael Sepulveda in October 1994. The previous name of the band was “Dismal”.

After a line-up change the band was renamed Suffering Souls and they played their first gig in the same year.

Furthermore the first records were created by the band in 1996. Under the title "In the Moonshadow of Despair" the first underground demo came out.

In December the band recorded the song "Dark Angels from the Funeral Abyss", which was destined for a planned EP which wasn't released.

In 1998 the band released their first official demo "When Silence Cries Eternally" which was limited to 666 copies. Short after this, new songs destined for another EP were recorded. But the deal for this EP was cancelled because of financial issues from the label.
Three new songs for the MCD "Cries of Silence" were recorded in the Majestic Nightrealm Studio in 1999.

Besides some live gigs, the band was in the studio again for the debut-album "Twilight Ripping Souls Apart" in April 2000. This was released by Painkiller Records from Belgium.
Darkwind Records released the second album with the title "Incarnated Perfection" in 2003.
There had been line-up changes during all the years. From 2004, Mastermind Lord Esgaroth has been writing new song material and signed with Schwarzdorn Production at the beginning of 2009.


Lord Esgaroth - Vocals, all Guitars, Bass, all synthetics/strings and drums/programming



2009 CD "Sadistic Goat Complex"
(Symphonic Black-Metal)

2003 CD "Incarnated Perfection"

2000 CD "Twilight Ripping Souls Apart"

1999 MCD "Cries of Silence"

1998 Demo "When Silence Cries Eternally"

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