Cerberus - Black Metal, Pagan Metal, Doom Metal - Schwarzdorn Production - Label / Mailorder

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CERBERUS was founded in the winter of 1998. After a few line-up changes, only Beleth (vocals) remained from the original line-up.

In August 2001, CERBERUS signed for a MCD with Schwarzdorn Productions. Their first release contained the songs recorded live from their first concert.

In 2003 the first studio album "Chapters of Blackness" followed, which contained 13 songs plus one video track.

The second album, "Klagelieder - Grabesgesang", was released in 2006 by Schwarzdorn Production.

After a few live performances by the band (e.g. with Sarkom, Shining, Bethlehem,...), there was a long break due to Beleth deciding to create the music alone in the future, thus separating from the remaining band members.

Beleth was torn from his life by various health setbacks and was therefore unable to work on new song material during this time.

In 2021, Beleth fought back to life and started working on new material with renewed power and energy. The third chapter, "My Prophecy Will Come", was completed in the same year.

The album will be released again via Schwarzdorn Production in 2022.
CERBERUS is dedicated to Black Metal. Almost every song impresses with its stylistic diversity. From melodic to dramatic elements, the seven new songs offer an exciting, dark music experience and CERBERUS is successfully reporting back in the black metal underground.


Beleth - Vocals & all instruments


2022 DIGI CD "My Prophecy Will Come"


2006 CD "Klagelieder - Grabesgesang"

2003 CD "Chapters of Blackness"

2001 MCD "First Destruction (Live)"
(Bestial Black-Metal)

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