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Welcome to Schwarzdorn Production,

Great that you've found your way to us, because Schwarzdorn is the ultimate place for Black, Death, Doom, Pagan, .... Metal. On the Label Page you will find information about our bands. Our >Store< is also worth a visit! With over 1000 products at a fair price, you will surely find something that interests you!

If you have any comments, suggestions or bug information, please let us know.

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Schwarzdorn Production


Zgard "Place of Power"

DIGI CD / Digital

(Epic Pagan Black-Metal)

Suffering Souls "Incarnated Perfection"

CD / Digital

(Symphonic Black-Metal)

Suffering Souls "True Godfucking Soulblight"

Digi CD / Digital / Poster / Shirt



+ Zgard "Place of Power" DIGI CD / DIGITAL now available.
+ Suffering Souls "Incarnated Perfection" DIGITAL now available.
+ Suffering Souls "True Godfucking Soulblight" DIGI CD / Poster / Merchandise now available.
+ Oblivion Beach "Cold River Spell" DIGI CD now available.
+ We have some special news for you. The Ukrainian Epic Pagan Black Metal band
have signed a worldwide contract with us to release their 7th full album "Place of Power" in Spring 2021.
The tracks are finished, and they sound absolutely amazing! We can't wait to give you more information, but for now, welcome to our family
+ OBLIVION BEACH "TEACHINGS OUTSIDE THE GARDEN" now available on all Online/Stream-Platforms worldwide.
+ OBLIVION BEACH "ELEKTRIK FOREST" now available on all Online/Stream-Platforms worldwide.
+ On 17.04.2020 OBLIVION BEACH release a new single “Elektrik Forest” along with a music video. With doomy vibes, groovy riffs and a beautiful melancholic female voice OBLIVION BEACH takes you onboard a post-apocalyptic spiritual scavenger raid!
+ New contract has been signed. Kontor New Media GmbH is the new worldwide digital distributor for our previous and future recordings. Edel Germany GmbH will take care of the physical recordings for Germany & Austria. We are looking forward to our new cooperation.
+ Our cooperation with our distribution partner, Soulfood Music Distribution (for Germany and Austria), and  Believe Digital for the worldwide digital/stream distribution ends today (31.12.2019).  
However, Schwarzdorn wasn’t sleeping in the last weeks and we are already in the final talks for cooperation with a new partner. We are very excited about it and will let you know more information soon!


Schwarzdorn Production is grateful to anyone who can help to distribute flyers in their local bars, clubs, stores etc. all around the world. For those who are interested, please email


Carved in Stone "Wafts of Mist & The Forgotten Belief" DIGI CD 10.12.2021
Cerberus CD 2022

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