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UHRILEHTO was found in 1996. After some changes in the line-up, Nidhogg (vocals, guitar) is the only original member remaining.

Despite for all these circumstances, the band recorded four demos, the debut album "Viha ja Ikuinen vitutus" and - after having changed to the German label SCHWARZDORN PRODUCTION - the two following albums "Vitutus Millennium" and "Viimeinen Vitutus" until now.

In 2004, Cyclotron joined the band playing drums from now on, and the horde entered Watercastle Studio in Finland to record the fourth UHRILEHTO album "Ihmisvihan Eliitti", again signed to SCHWARZDORN PRODUCTION.

While the reactions on the last album were rather different, UHRILEHTO are about to kick ass with their new release "Ihmisvihan Eliitti", which is supposed to be their most intense and most powerful creation until today.

Combining melodic Black Metal with elements of Death Metal and Rock music, the band presents an unique style that surely will make its way to hellĀ“s kitchen...


Nidhogg - Vocals
Noirgrim - Guitars
Cyclotron - Drums
Essiah - Bass


2005 CD "Ihmisvihan Eliitti"

2004 CD "Viimeinen Vitutus"
(Melodic Dark- / Black-Metal)

2003 CD "Vitutus Millennium"
(Melodic Dark- / Black-Metal)

2001 Promo "Virsiä vitutuksesta"

2001 CD "Viha ja ikuinen vitutus"

1999 Demo "Ei ristin sielua"

1998 Demo "No fucking memories"

1997 Demo "The Dawn of the waken"

1997 Demo "Tee huorin ja tapa"

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