Alasteth (Pure Nihilistic Black Metal)

The musical demon "Alasteth" was formed by "Alastor" and "Beleth" in the winter of 2022. Both are not unknown to the German Black Metal scene and have been rooted in it since the 1990s. "Alastor" was a founding member and frontman of the german Black Metal band "Zarathustra" in 1996 and left in 2001.

"Beleth" was the founder of the german Black Metal band "Cerberus" in 1998, with which he has released three albums and one live maxi CD via Schwarzdorn Production. He is still active with "Cerberus" and leads the band now as a solo artist.

"Alastor" and "Beleth" have known each other for over 30 years and their paths have often crossed, both privately and musically. As luck would have it, in autumn 2022, after a long period of silence, both of them exchanged ideas intensively again, both musically and privately. It quickly became clear that they wanted to venture into a band together.

So "Alasteth" was born. A demon of two individualists, whose deepest abysses manifest themselves in nihilistic and atmospheric Black Metal. After a 16-year break apart from the new "Cerberus" album, "Beleth" created dark and brutal songs, which "Alastor" completed after 22 years of abstinence from the scene with his varied vocals and lyrics.

At the beginning of 2023, the recordings for the first long player were successfully completed and "The Nihilism of Alasteth" was born. Songs full of hate and desperation, awakening and decline. The world of "Alasteth".

True to the motto: Pure Nihilistic Black Metal


Vocals & Lyrics by Alastor
Instruments by Beleth
Alasteth "The Nihilism of Alasteth" Digi
Pure Nihilistic Black Metal. Digi CD.
Release-date: 13.10.2023

1. The Return (Of The Ancient Gods)
2. The Nihilism of Alasteth
3. V.O.I.D. (Visions of Impenetrable Darkness)
4. Forever Forlorn
5. Henchmen of Perverted Devotion
6. Faded Glory

Bonus Tracks (CD Version):
7. Durch den tiefen Wald (Alasteth's Zarathustra Remake)
8. …Still Wandering
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