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Vuolla "Blood. Stone. Sun. Down." Digi

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Post Rock-Doom-Metal from Finland. For Fans of Throes of Dawn & Katatonia. Digi-CD.

The new heir to Katatonia & Co.
In VUOLLA, melancholic Post-Rock meets the great elements of Doom and Death-Metal.
The charismatic mix of depressive parts with growls and clean vocals and doomy, brilliantly rendered guitar work reminds the listener of the early works of ANATHEMA.
The dense atmosphere of the VUOLLA takes the listener on a journey deep into the mist inside - guided by a flickering flame and a distant word of hope...
Inspired by the dark winters of the north, VUOLLA hail from the depths of human existence. They are based in the city of Jyväskylä, Finland, which has produced other Doom-Meta bands like SWALLOW THE SUN.
Absolutely essential for fans of THROES OF DAWN, SHAPE OF DESPAIR and KATATONIA.

1. Death Incredible
2. Emperor
3. Chambers to Fill With Longing
4. Rain Garden
5. Shadow Layer
6. Rivers in Me
7. Film
8. Quiet Cold