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Welcome to Schwarzdorn Production,

Formicarius "Black Mass Ritual"

CD (Symphonic Black-Metal)

Great that you've found your way to us, because Schwarzdorn is the ultimate place for Black, Death, Doom, Pagan, .... Metal. On the Label Page you will find information about our bands. Our >Store< is also worth a visit! With over 1000 products at a fair price, you will surely find something that interests you!

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"FORMICARIUS is a breath of fresh air! Suitable for lovers of bands like DIMMU BORGIR, CARACH ANGREN or COVENANT!" - Necromance (E), 9/10

"At the same time grandiloquent, classic and slightly retro, this record is a real success! A truly interesting work!" - Thrashocore (F)

"Bombastisch und majestätisch!" - Nocturnal Hall (D), 8/10

"Spannende Genre-Kombinationen!" - (D)

"Complex, constantly moving tracks!" - (I)

"Interesting and complex!" - Scream Magazine (NO), 5/6

"For a bands first offering, this is truly majestic, and Formicarius are definitely a band to keep an eye on!" - Ave Noctum (UK), 8/10

"With their very first album, Formicarius offers an impressive introduction!" - Ragherrie (NL)

"Theatricality, darkness and epic atmospheres!" - Metalbrothers (E)

"Die Frische und Spielfreude, welche 'Black Mass Ritual' von sich gibt, sind in dem Subgenre eine wahre Seltenheit!" - Metalfactory (CH)

"Brutal, abwechslungsreich und definitiv ein Album, das zwischen genial und abgefahren schwankt. Killer!" - Legacy (D), 12/15

"Simply enchanting!" - Metal Na Lata (BR), 9/10

"Black Mass Ritual' will sure please the open-minded metallers!" - Metal Addicts (BR)

Vuolla "Blood. Stone. Sun. Down."

Digi CD (Post Rock-Doom-Metal)

"The album breathes ultimate melancholy!" - Lords Of Metal (D), 79/100

"If you are looking for atmospheric/melancholic music with fresh ideas, look no further!" - Infernal Masquerade (USA), 93/100

"Wem es im Sommer zu hell und warm ist, der kann sich mit diesen finnischen Melancholic Doom-Deathern ein Stück des dunklen Herbstes ins Haus holen!" - Bleeding 4 Metal (D)

"If you are a fan of the doom metal genre this should be a great addition to your collection!" - Empire Extreme (USA)

"Genrefans sollten hier unbedingt mal reinhören!" - Deaf Forever (D)

"Ein hervorragendes Debüt! Unbedingt antesten!" - Metal-Inside (D)

"Das Quintett setzt mit seinem Gothic-Doom Akzente!" - Rock Hard (D)

"One of best debut albums! Absolute top class in their genre!" - Musika (BE), 100/100

"Brilliant compositions!" - Iyezine (IT)

"A new doom gem from Finland! Great debut with varied songs!" - White Room Reviews (NL)

"f you like your listening moments to feel like a kind of dreamlike journey with weeping instruments and often very bare and simple melodies, this will be your thing!" - Voices From The Darkside (GER)

Repulsive Aggression "Preachers of Death"
CD (Old School Death-Metal)



+ Formicarius "Black Mass Ritual" CD now available.
+ The Symphonic Black Metal band Formicarius from England have signed a deal with  us.
+ Vuolla "Blood. Stone. Sun. Down." Digi CD now available.
+ Repulsive Aggression "Preachers Of Death" T-Shirt now available.

+ Repulsive Aggression "Preachers Of Death" CD now available.

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